Monthly Archives: March 2010

What am I fighting for?


For the Word, the Logos,
the Fire and Dust.
The Power of Language,
and the Sound of her Wings.
The Silence of the Stars,
the Wind in your hair on a sunny day,
the smell of an old book,
the rustling of pages,
the warmth of sheets
and the Scent of a Woman.

For Metaphor and Translation,
and chasing the Music.
Mimosa, Myosotis
and the Mystery of Woman.
The Green, the Blue
Dawn and Dusk.
Summer rain,
Lightning and Storms.
And for myself.
This is my strife.

In progress


Heels are tricky
clickety things.

I should know,
I tried them once!

High heels, stilettoes,
low heels. I can’t help
but wonder:
are ankles not afraid
of heights?