Monthly Archives: August 2011

(Not) the End of the World


As I wake, the sun shines
on our bed, an early rise
for a Saturday morning.
But I smile, and look
at your shoulders, facing me.
And fall back into the pillow
sleep crawling into my head.

I dream of wings
rushing outside your window
in a frenzied shower
of white and grey and black.
Hosts of feathers clashing
armies colliding like
the aftermath
of a heavenly pillowfight.

I wake again
as the sky’s court
a parliament of rooks
passes its judgement.
I have slept through
most of it
with you by my side
your shoulders still facing me.

After a kiss on your cheek
I rise again, walk
out of your door
and my day starts,
through libraries, walks and
chattering of voices.

I walk, I tread common
paths, see familiar faces
and the day goes by,
uninterrupted, stubborn
as only days can be.

And inevitably, evening comes
and with it, you.

I sit down again,
you put some water in the kettle
get the biscuits out
and make a cup of tea.
Ready for another night
and another day after that.