Monthly Archives: March 2012



That moment when
faces meet
in a station.
That moment when
eyes lock
in an airport.
That moment when
a spark of recognition
is drowned
by the unbearable embarrassment
of potential mistake
which will inevitably lead
to one of the following scenarios:

One. She will wave, and be wrong, the weight of her mistake
rising to her face only to sink back into her stomach.

Two. She will wave, and be wrong, the once again unfamiliar face
will wave back, creating a stalemate of uncertain niceties.

Three. She will wave, and be wrong, the once again unfamiliar face
hiding in the shared embarrassment and fear of the unknown.

But at that moment
in the borderline place
of crowds crossing paths
she will not wave
and be wrong.

Words will not be said
smiles will not be exchanged
the world will keep on turning
oblivious to the fact
that at that moment
two people did not meet.



And, as a spider
elegantly dying
across the page,
the trail of ink
from the pen
her first love letter.

In its final moments
the creature sprawled
a symphony of sentiments,
emotions and feelings
seeping into the paper.
Quotations, clichés
and long elaborate metaphors
were woven together,
joined up to set a trap
for the unaware reader.

It would move,
and strike a chord
but all would forget
the beauty of that spider’s
final sacrifice
in the name of
illegible love.

The Dung Beetle


A beetle, carapax shining
in the afternoon sun,
I struggle across the plain.
My ball of everything,
both weight and goal,
anchors me to my task.
The effort I put in
creating my globe,
pinning me down
to this earth,
its minuscule details
and minute imperfections
reminding me
that I must keep going
on this world of titans.
So I roll the sun
into the night
and I feel the weight
of the planet I carry
on my shoulders.
Slowly I move
one cautious step
after the other
in my path
towards the infinite.
Globe on my shoulders,
spheres ahead of me,
pearls of sweat
caught in my eyebrows.
And I march
towards my goal,
not a soldier
but a beetle
of the universe,
in my greatness.