Monthly Archives: December 2015

Teoria dei caffè


Un caffè
caposaldo, punto di partenza alla fine
del pasto magari con la pasta. E le verdure. A posto?

Du’ affè.
L’aspirazione che arriva anche se tarda
e mastica un po’ che ispirazione non manca.

cosí, cattivo, duro. Dispari
per non disperare, e la speranza si risveglia.

Vedi due, ma al doppio.
Doppia forza doppi fondi
doppiaggio lasciato a mezzo.

E cinq se’ sett via, in aggiunta alla serie
già in lizza, in tazza ristretta anche se accozza
– tanto poi l’abbozza.

Che la teoretica bozza per ora si ferma, qua,
in goccia di arrivo colata dal bordo
– che amarezza – segnando il punto fine. Per l’appunto.

a Valentina Ferrari e il gruppo Caffellatte
con scuse a Benigni

Night shuffle



I did not mean to walk your streets tonight, but I did. I walked past your defences, your missing kind, your barely hidden happiness, as someone held me and helped me up.


Walls of colour, from A to H, spread themselves before me, leading to hues of pink, gold, oxidized bronze. Your trees hold twinkling fruits, and I still don’t know how to be alone.


No silver, no wick, no weaving. The flint is still there, stubborn and content. Glint of glass walls further to one side, no one reading, seasons change, people fall, hearts beat.


Is there something I should know? Hall after hall you still keep secrets, even in the open, hardly hidden, standing tall in stone and tar. Bridges need crossing.


Before the other side, some of your plainness shows, and still manages to pluck, softly, strings that had settled, gently. You’re the lucky one, you caused it.


Orion, inevitably on your sky. Fairy lights, also inevitably, on your skyline. Friends intermittently on your roads, this road. Some have come home, some on your back.


It’s getting cold. I’m getting cold. Walk with me some more, first. A ghost above me, pasts beside me, a door just ahead. Am I ever coming back for you..?


(Bonus track: No words left after all that. Just step forward, right or wrong foot, doesn’t matter. Time to walk again. Time to set out and find the next one. I might be back.)