Half Tuscan, half Yorkshire, I was born in Prato and moved to Leeds for a BA in English Language & Literature, then to Norwich for Literary Translation and Comics Studies (MA; PhD).

I translate both poetry and prose, from Italian and French into English, and English and French into Italian. I also work with Old English and Latin, am attempting to learn Dutch and Spanish, and will honestly try out any language you throw at me. I write and translate poetry and short prose, including flash and microfiction. I have performed live literature in Leeds and Norwich, compèred at events (including Barefoot in the Park and Freewheelin’). In Italy, I have performed at Caffellatte in Florence, and am trying to set up something new in Prato – eventually.

In English, I have been published in Poetry&Audience, The Literateur, The Scribe, the NewWriting website, as part of the creative writing/translation Threads project, 140Story, 101Fiction and Eye to the Telescope, and am a regular contributor and the co-editor for The Norwich Radical (previously Arts section editor). In Italian, I have a short story published in the Rac-Corti 2011 anthology, and have won the Poesia nel Cassetto 2011 poetry competition, both run by Associazione Culturale Flanerì; in 2012, Edizioni Memori published another short story of mine, in the anthology Memoracconti. A full and updated list of my publications can be found here.

I have been an intern for Arc Publications, BCLA, BCLT, and make up true facts about the latter. I have been an Associate Tutor for the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing (LDC) at UEA, a scare actor at PrimEVIL, a social media assistant for both. I have been a volunteer with Oxfam in Norwich and now in Prato, and currently do freelance translation work for Booksinitaly.it and whoever else will pay me.


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  1. Hi Alex, I traced you to this site via Kumquat and your found also your ‘Bees’ poem which I like very much. I wondered if you would consider letting me post it on my blog as Favourite poem of the week?

  2. Vorrei provare a tradurre, nonostante il mio inglese meno che rudimentale, uno dei tuoi testi -uno breve,chiaramente- e pubblicarlo sul blog. si tratta di Seventh Day.
    Posso farlo?

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  4. Il Progetto Nazionale, di durata triennale, si articola in quattro Unità di ricerca: Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (capofila Giorgio Bacci, che é anche coordinatore nazionale), Università di Udine (capofila Denis Viva), Università di Siena (capofila Davide Lacagnina), Università di Genova (capofila Veronica Pesce).

    Di che si tratta? Vorrei saperne di più (la mia mail: giamdepie@gmail.com)

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