Half Tuscan, half Yorkshire, I was born in Prato and moved to Leeds for a BA in English Language & Literature, then to Norwich for Literary Translation and Comics Studies (MA; PhD).

I translate both poetry and prose, from Italian and French into English, and English and French into Italian. I also work with Old English and Latin, am attempting to learn Dutch and Spanish, and will honestly try out any language you throw at me. I write and translate poetry and short prose, including flash and microfiction. I have performed live literature in Leeds and Norwich, compèred at events (including Barefoot in the Park and Freewheelin’). In Italy, I have performed at Caffellatte in Florence, and am trying to set up something new in Prato – eventually.

In English, I have been published in Poetry&Audience, The Literateur, The Scribe, the NewWriting website, as part of the creative writing/translation Threads project, 140Story, 101Fiction and Eye to the Telescope, and am a regular contributor and the co-editor for The Norwich Radical (previously Arts section editor). In Italian, I have a short story published in the Rac-Corti 2011 anthology, and have won the Poesia nel Cassetto 2011 poetry competition, both run by Associazione Culturale Flanerì; in 2012, Edizioni Memori published another short story of mine, in the anthology Memoracconti. A full and updated list of my publications can be found here.

I have been an intern for Arc Publications, BCLA, BCLT, and make up true facts about the latter. I have been an Associate Tutor for the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing (LDC) at UEA, a scare actor at PrimEVIL, a social media assistant for both. I have been a volunteer with Oxfam in Norwich and now in Prato, and currently do freelance translation work for Booksinitaly.it and whoever else will pay me.

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  1. Hi Alex, I traced you to this site via Kumquat and your found also your ‘Bees’ poem which I like very much. I wondered if you would consider letting me post it on my blog as Favourite poem of the week?

  2. Vorrei provare a tradurre, nonostante il mio inglese meno che rudimentale, uno dei tuoi testi -uno breve,chiaramente- e pubblicarlo sul blog. si tratta di Seventh Day.
    Posso farlo?

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