Italiano – Prosa

Bacci, G. Disegnare le parole. Mimmo Paladino tra arte e letteratura. (Gli Ori 2016; traduzione)

Bacci, G. La parola disegnata. Il percorso di Mimmo Paladino tra arte e letteratura. (Gli Ori 2015; traduzione)

Il Dottore in Memoracconti (Edizioni Memori 2012)

Città in Rac-corti, Racconti per chi va di fretta (Flanerì 2011)

Italiano – Poesia

City in Premio Poesia nel Cassetto (Flanerì 2011)

Italiano – Miscellanea

SIPRI Yearbook 2017 Sintesi in Italiano (SIPRI)

English – Poetry

Regular contributions on The Norwich Radical (translation)

The Creature in Eye to the Telescope Issue 10. (October 2013; translation)

A Single Note. Poetry & Audience. (summer 2011, print)

How do you write a tune in words? The Literateur (July 2010)

Masquerade. The Literateur (July 2010)

English – Prose

Marco Missiroli, Fidelity (forthcoming 2019; novel, translation)

Natalia Ginzburg, Summer (22 September 2017; short story, translation)

Elena Varvello, Can You Hear Me? (July 2017; novel, translation; English PEN Translates Award)

Regular contributions on (non-fiction/translation)

Various contributions to 140story (microfiction)

Family in 101 Fiction. December 2013 Issue 2. (microfiction)

The Fires. The Creative Literary Studio. (October 2012; translation)

English – Miscellaneous

Regular contributions on The Norwich Radical (articles)

‘”A Fumetto, a Comic, and a BD walk into a bar…” The Translation of Humor in Comics’, in Brienza, C., and Johnston, P., Cultures of Comics Work (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017; academic)

Various entries, Riveting Reads. A World of Books in Translation. (SLA, January 2017; non-fiction)

Various entries, The Literature Book (DK, March 2016; non-fiction)

Various entries, Hahn, D., Oxford Companion to Children’s Literature (Oxford, January 2015; non-fiction)

Seven Questions: Boris Akunin. New Writing Net (BCLT) (February 2013; interview)

‘And the eye of heaven sometimes signs’ Translating Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 into British Sign Language. Norwich Papers Issue 20 – The Next Big Thing. (December 2012, print; academic)

Publisher Profile – Arc Publications. In Other Words (summer 2012, print; article)

Meddling with Myths. Literary Translation at UEA (2012, blogpost)

The Hunting of the PhDark. Literary Translation at UEA (2012, blogpost)

Translating the Jabberwocky. Literary Translation at UEA (2011, blogpost)