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#GloPoWriMo 2018 10 – Calore e acqua calda


Dimmi ancora come ami la metà lei e la parte lui di me.
Mostrami con la bocca le mani i fianchi che non c’è un solo lembo di pelle mia intonso. Invalicato. Invisibile.
Lasciami portare quella borsa. Ce l’ho, tesoro. Ce l’ho.
Lasciami appenderti il cappotto e mettere l’acqua a bollire.
Lascia che le mie dita trovino quel punto sul collo che ti fa sempre male.
Lascia fare a me.
Ho lavato le lenzuola prima che venissi qui. Vieni qui e fammi ricordare l’odore del tuo collo e conservarlo per un’altra volta.
Mio amore jet-laggato. La tua mancanza è la mia sola costante.
Nelle ore più piccole mi sveglio e mi ricordo che ho ancora altre quattro notti di te.
Farai scivolare la tua mano calda sotto il mio torso e mi sposterai nel sonno.
Ti svegli prima di me perché è già mattina tardi a Toronto.
Nemmeno il cane riesce a toglierti gli occhi di dosso mentre balli in cucina.
Sorridi con quel sorriso che metti da parte per me e mi dici di non indossare una maglia per potermi guardare mentre preparo il caffè.
Proprio così, dici.
Proprio così.


originale inglese di Ivan Coyote, ‘Heat and Hot Water’

#GloPoWriMo 2018 7 – Equinozio


su rive
di fiumi

gli occhi

da sole

(tricubo, 3x3x3)

#GloPoWriMo 2018 6 – Homework


For next week, then,
I want you to fall in love
with someone who doesn’t
speak the same language as you.
I want you to explore
all conjugations of the verbs
to feel to stumble to fumble.
I want you to analyse
the syntax of their collarbone
and the irregular construction
of the skin on their belly.
How their intonation rises
with each questioning look
in the way that their voice
does not. How the structure
of their arms has possessive
qualities, and it calls to you
in the singular and the plural.
How there is no need for a third
person. How the present
might or might not seem perfect
and the rules behind it follow
no rhyme nor reason anyway.
How tongues are the least
important part of the conversation
when the punctuation is made
by the sounds of your study.

What you will learn is
for you and you alone but
share the lesson wide.

based on a conversation almost had during teaching

#GloPoWriMo 2018 3 – I want to be a permanent guest of your lips


I want to be a permanent guest of your lips
see you wake up
watch you sleep
and eventually if you want
make love too
all night
and all morning
we have lunch
then after
then after
we fuck
we pretend
the end of the world
is near
we bar the door
we pretend the horde
of zombies has taken the streets
see them crawl between the smoke and flames?
Don’t make a sound
covered by these covers
no one can harm us.

Let’s pretend it’s worth it
to tell us to do us to kiss us
in these zombie times.
In these zombie times
each time
is like
the last time.

Let’s pretend the last time
was second to last
and back all the way
to the first time
when you looked at me
with those smiling eyes of yours.

I’ll tell you that I heart you
you’ll ask: what about the other organs?
I all the other organ you.

As meanwhile outside
the apocalypse
is bucketing down
we’ll be able
to laugh together.


original Italian by Guido Catalano, from Ogni Volta che mi Baci Muore un Nazista

#GloPoWriMo 2018 1 – Bravo


Shall I write of thee on this April’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more of plastic:
rough joints may plague thee– but hey!
some of this at least has been fantastic.
Sometime too hot the orange palette shines,
and often the pale complexion yellows
and every fair of toy sometime reminds,
by chance, of your franchise’s changing fellows.
But thy eternal glimmer shall not fade
nor lose possession of that mode thou ow’st
nor shall rust brag thou crumbl’st in its shade
when also in eternal lineart thou grow’st.
So long as haters seethe and eyes can roll
out loud I commit to you my own soul.



(After Sonnet 18; following Napowrimo.net prompt.)