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#GloPoWriMo 2018 22 – mapping


the stars cannot rearrange

themselves in the sky

& yet here you are

changing the pinpoint over my head

making me lose directions

& maps of where i thought i thought

i would be & be going

at this point in time but it was space

that you changed & i was a fool

not to see that chance & you seized

the opportunity as you drew

new constellations on our skin

ladles & spoons replacing bears

pyramids where arrows flew &

sails instead of falls though fall we did

through hallways of cold light

& of cold nights after sudden rain

& we rearranged ourselves

in your bed bodies shifting

mapping out another sky




Towards fresh flowing waters
they linked their paths,
channelling the music
the hues and flavours
of a crowd winding its way

with measure and care
around rise and falls of a score
towards a crossroads on the track
stepped across the borders.

They did not change that much
they did not stay the same, either.
They could not stay, so left
goodbyes rolling off the tongue
with ease, at last.

Turn the Page


She watches them run through the pages
the images flowing beneath them,
hands touching the story.

She reaches out, a new
tenderness rushing through her skin.

She watches the ink singing
on the paper on their fingertips,
plots swirling under digits
lines spoken without sound
– she stops.

She plots, weaving into the
chapter this reading
this flowing of paper trails
and cuts to new scenes.

She is a reader, and can flesh out
characters only perfectly flawed
on the page, turn them into
whatever she can imagine
until they adapt to another vision.

She knows the twist turning in the wound
she sees the knot in the thread
the heart of the matter
and lets it beat.

She knows a book can end
as inevitable frames close the scene
lines are drawn and quartered
covers tucked in for an early sundown.

She knows a book can hold
lists and how-to tips and a universe of
suggestions and revisions and pages upon
pages upon pages of the kind
of words that are meant
to help and heal and soothe.

She knows all this but also knows
that none of it really helps
to turn a new leaf
start a chapter anew
and read further than the words
The End.

Except for her to pick up
another book,
or the same book perhaps
turn it round in her hands
and begin, again.

NaPoWriMo Day 25 – Una Mattina


Ci sveglieremo, una mattina,
e non sentiremo più il bisogno
di spiegare, di sprecare fiato
parole, tempo, gioie e dolori
con chi non sa e non vuole
saperne d’ascoltare.

Non saremo piú legati ad un passato
sempre troppo presente,
non per negligenza, memorie offuscate,
politicanti o revisionismi,
ma perchè non più necessario.

Non saranno più importanti
nuovi o vecchi patriottismi;
niente paesi, niente confini,
niente odi, sberleffi, fischi,
pregiudizi ed illusioni;
verde, rosso, bianco, nero,
torneranno ad essere solo colori.

Non saranno solo coloro che adesso
non capiscono, o capiscono benissimo.
Ci sveglieremo, tutti, e saremo obsoleti.

Abbasseremo le braccia, apriremo le mani,
alzeremo gli occhi e ci lasceremo andare.
Una mattina. Ma non oggi, non ancora.