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NaPoWriMo / GloPoWriMo 15 2016 – Io? Doppio


Due righe, non di più.

Doppio passaporto,
doppia lingua, doppia voce,
doppi sensi, doppler test
fatto da più giovane.

Due volte straniero:
Inglese in casa, Italiano all’estero.
Doppietta, perso – in trasferta.
Due volte.

Lo sdoppiamento mi
perseguita, senza scadenza
in turbe adolescenziali.
Doppi fini? Dopo, prima
servono due giri, di corsa,
senza il doping.
Doppiaggio? Meglio i sottotitoli
almeno uso la doppia vista,
doppio impegno, me la godo
due volte tanto.

Bravi. Bello. Bis.

(Breve, rapida, di recupero, con lo spunto di NaPoWriMo.net.)



They were huddled in the same room, as if in a crooked nest, some scribbling away, some, admittedly, were typing on small keyboards. At seemingly regular intervals, they would silently squabble as if their worlds mattered more than any of the others. It was a peculiar circle, with more sharp angles than you might envisage – you could feel the tingling tension zig-zagging around the table. There were some lights, but their warmth felt unsure, tentative, even scared of shining too bright, as the shadows would only grow deeper as a result. The trickling noise of tapping on the tables, the clicking of pens, keyboards, thin fingers scuttling across the surfaces, was only interrupted – almost as if on a loop – by a peculiar but all too familiar moan. It would hang in the air for a handful of seconds, haunting all present company, lingering just enough to become uncomfortable, only to slowly dissipate into the incessant scritching on paper, the constant clicking sound of keys.

No eyes looked up, no contact made between the figures in the circle, no movement other than what required for the production of more work, more words, more paper, more screens, more, more, more. Lines building upon lines, stories stacked up precariously and vanishing to other rooms, to other – much wider, much louder, much livelier – worlds.


Outside the building, in the growing chill of that autumn night, people passed by, entirely oblivious to the figures inside. It was as if they weren’t really there after all.