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#GloPoWriMo 2018 12 – From profane spaces


me, like this:
between two commas, an aside,
explained in a detail

then I am the comma you removed
the one you moved

the full stop
the indent
the key word at the end of the back cover

in the exclamation point
you placed me I placed you
on the continuous axis

no line spacing no separation
twentyeight lines in a single breath
including the title and
the signature

read me over again
and while you do
I flow freely
you find me in the second chapter
in the following page
printed black on white

no backspace
we go to print
beats and all

original Italian by Elisabetta Destasio Vettori)

#GloPoWriMo 2017 20 – being


I have no harbour.
I am a land broken and burned.
I am not a a best resort, a nest.
I am a knot. Tight, alone.
I am an abandoned
I am a spring without
Something to not love,
despite this sea of love.
I am to be forgotten:
a toy in the sun.
Beauty drowned and denied
I am.
Like a woman
to be hidden,
I am.

[Original Italian by Elisabetta Destasio, untitled, from upcoming collection La Ricerca.]