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媽媽, di Marlene Min-ling Liao


Metronomo di coltello su tagliere
un coro di rumori

gli occhi mi si riempiono
mentre lei continua senza una lacrima

in fondo al corridoio, odori pungenti
ci sorpassano

lei ronza e borbotta
muovendosi al ritmo suo

un gorgoglio ci scappa dallo stomaco

accogliamo al suo posto dolcezza
ci abbuffiamo col naso
mentre la ammiriamo

ne copio i suoni
cercando di ricreare gli odori

gli occhi mi si riempiono
e mi fermo

il frigo ronza
e fa eco nella stanza
toccando ogni pezzo di estraneità

non c’è spettacolo qui
il calore portato via
da distanze e tempo

[tradotto con permesso dall’originale inglese di Marlene Min-ling Liao, su Ricepaper]


#GloPoWriMo 2018 9 – Lesson I


should I tell you how to
shall I tell you how
can I tell you
I’ll tell you

when she takes
when he takes
why you & I give

what is
what isn’t
what these are in context
out of context they are not

how to be in
how to go to
who to go with
& how to stay

#GloPoWriMo 2018 6 – Homework


For next week, then,
I want you to fall in love
with someone who doesn’t
speak the same language as you.
I want you to explore
all conjugations of the verbs
to feel to stumble to fumble.
I want you to analyse
the syntax of their collarbone
and the irregular construction
of the skin on their belly.
How their intonation rises
with each questioning look
in the way that their voice
does not. How the structure
of their arms has possessive
qualities, and it calls to you
in the singular and the plural.
How there is no need for a third
person. How the present
might or might not seem perfect
and the rules behind it follow
no rhyme nor reason anyway.
How tongues are the least
important part of the conversation
when the punctuation is made
by the sounds of your study.

What you will learn is
for you and you alone but
share the lesson wide.

based on a conversation almost had during teaching

#GloPoWriMo 2018 4 – e oggi facciamo English


ecco il giallo per fare
il sole
così lo porto alla mamma
ed è bello.

io ho fatto il yellow
il rosa e il blue
perché piove ma dopo
c’è il sole.

il mio tempo preferito
è il drago
perchè la Viola è coraggiosa

e sono io la scala mobile
e non voglio fare il marrone
e oggi sei ritornato da noi

(found poem with bits of a kids’ English lesson)

#GloPoWriMo 2017 19 – wug


how is it that
we can say one wug
and we can
assume two wugs
but we cannot
learn how to wug
we cannot know
whether the wug
believes in more
than its wugself
is there life
beyond the wug
will the wug
inherit the earth
why do we ascribe
our plurality
to its unique
why do we not
question the rules
we find so easy
to apply to a wug

this is a wug
now there is another one
now there are many
they contain wugtitudes

#GloPoWriMo 2017 7 – a day in the life of


start. waking up to
a new cycle of stories,
wheels are shuddering

at the holes you made
(there is news that we can pause)
is this fulfilling

or have we fallen
into another routine,
waiting for. the end.

London, July 2016


Frame me here
pin me to this evening
of summer dresses and topless
joggers running from business
into a bustling busy city
that wakes at the close
that gathers its strength
that swipes the day clean again
loses its filters and sheens
that walks close to its lovers
its friends its followers
make this night a hashtag
make it viral in its living beating buzz
make it sing make it dance in the street
make it jump to reach its signs:

the world is not ending
any time soon
we have more nights to write
more walks to write
more books to write
more smiles to write
more plans to write
more to write
than we possibly can
in just this one worldful