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#GloPoWriMo 2018 21 – Pesca una carta


all’inizio del turno
fai in modo di avere
più tempo per altri
progetti che non pensavi
di dover completare

a metà del turno
fai in modo di pensare
a quello che è passato
e a quello che ti rimane
addosso dopo il fatto

alla fine del turno
fai in modo di lasciare
meno tracce di quello
che volevi di quello che
avresti sperato un tempo

il turno in senso orario
non si ferma e in realtà
toccherà di nuovo a te



#GloPoWriMo 2018 15 – Initiative


You do. It is always your choice,
it is, always. Your choice
is not always what you will find again
– aim higher on the next one.

Aim higher on the next one
you do. It is always your choice.
You on.. the path ahead,
when it comes down to it
– not alone, never alone –

is not always what you will find. Again,
be cautious with your actions.
To achieve the goal placed by
be cautious with your actions:
take the first step first
and be ready to, finally
you, do. (It is your choice,
not alone, never alone,
no matter how you walk it,
it is always your choice.)

But have heart in what
to achieve. The goal placed by
stride in time, with rising force:
aim higher, on the next one
aim higher on. The next one
is not always what you will. Find again

the voice telling you how
it is always your choice.


an experiment, caused by #TheZoneCast

NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 16 – April suburb


Flowerbeds around
where you chased footballs:
and now in the rubble
soiled flowers bloom to the dry breath
of springtime walls.
But in your eyes and in your voice
there is water,
coolness in your depths, rooted
beyond clods and seasons, in what
remains on the tops
damp snow:
and so you rush through every vein
and tell
that remote road still
and the wind
light over gigantic
blue chasms.

[Original Italian by Antonia Pozzi (1912-1938), ‘Periferia in aprile’.]