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#GloPoWriMo 2018 3 – I want to be a permanent guest of your lips


I want to be a permanent guest of your lips
see you wake up
watch you sleep
and eventually if you want
make love too
all night
and all morning
we have lunch
then after
then after
we fuck
we pretend
the end of the world
is near
we bar the door
we pretend the horde
of zombies has taken the streets
see them crawl between the smoke and flames?
Don’t make a sound
covered by these covers
no one can harm us.

Let’s pretend it’s worth it
to tell us to do us to kiss us
in these zombie times.
In these zombie times
each time
is like
the last time.

Let’s pretend the last time
was second to last
and back all the way
to the first time
when you looked at me
with those smiling eyes of yours.

I’ll tell you that I heart you
you’ll ask: what about the other organs?
I all the other organ you.

As meanwhile outside
the apocalypse
is bucketing down
we’ll be able
to laugh together.


original Italian by Guido Catalano, from Ogni Volta che mi Baci Muore un Nazista

#GloPoWriMo 2017 4 – brief dialogue concerning the naturalness of love


“Can we fall in love please?”
“Did you just ask me if we can fall in love?”

“Yes, I think I just asked you that.”
“I think it should come naturally.”

“Like hunger, thirst, being born and death.”

“How about tears?”
“Yes, tears too.”


“Rain, earthquakes, waves, clouds, the light of the sun?”
“Yes, just like rain, earthquakes, waves, clouds, the light of the sun.”

“So like a cat purring, then.”
“Yes, I think you’ve got it now.”

“Let’s give it a sec then, maybe it’ll happen.”
“Maybe it will.”

“Let’s hope so.”

[Original Italian by Guido Catalano, ‘Breve dialogo sulla naturalezza dell’amore’ in Ogni volta che mi baci muore un nazista.]