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NaPoWriMo Day 30 – Recipes


250 grams of your finest minced beef
Argentine or Scottish, either really is fine.
From the Mediterranean, 600 grams of onions
but yes, we can pretend they’re French.
400 grams of potatoes, brought over by the Spanish.
One single solitary egg, as long as it’s free range.
A pinch of guilt, for not visiting as often.
50 grams of Dutch, Turkish, English
bread left to dry and harden for days.
100 grams of Italian Parmigiano,
only the good stuff, finely grated.
Add a grandmother, telling you the story
of how they all met and mixed.
Boil the onions and potatoes,
drain them, sieve them, smooth and thick.
Soak the bread in clear water, mix it all together,
ask your dad for yesterday’s loaf,
there should be some in the drawer.
Add nutmeg, salt, pepper and oregano
a lot of it, make sure there’s a lot of it.
Knead the mixture of seamstresses and diplomats
migrants, mechanics and an emir’s daughter,
make sure everything blends together.
Now take some each
and roll it into smaller balls,
pass them in flour, turn on the flame,
douse them in virgin olive oil,
into the pan, turn up the heat, fry.
Let her know you’re visiting soon
as you wait for them to cook.

NaPoWriMo Day 25 – Una Mattina


Ci sveglieremo, una mattina,
e non sentiremo più il bisogno
di spiegare, di sprecare fiato
parole, tempo, gioie e dolori
con chi non sa e non vuole
saperne d’ascoltare.

Non saremo piú legati ad un passato
sempre troppo presente,
non per negligenza, memorie offuscate,
politicanti o revisionismi,
ma perchè non più necessario.

Non saranno più importanti
nuovi o vecchi patriottismi;
niente paesi, niente confini,
niente odi, sberleffi, fischi,
pregiudizi ed illusioni;
verde, rosso, bianco, nero,
torneranno ad essere solo colori.

Non saranno solo coloro che adesso
non capiscono, o capiscono benissimo.
Ci sveglieremo, tutti, e saremo obsoleti.

Abbasseremo le braccia, apriremo le mani,
alzeremo gli occhi e ci lasceremo andare.
Una mattina. Ma non oggi, non ancora.