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140story – Summer continued


This is almost a companion piece to Angles.

140story – Summeresque edition


Can you hear the waves crushing crashing..?

140story – Yet Another


I seem to have a theme running, and sometimes it twinkles.

As always, the site is miniaturestory.org, and it is wonderful. Always.

UEA140Story – The marking edition


It’s marking season at UEA, and as tutors, we’re all losing our minds a bit. So here’s a story based on real life events,* courtesy of the microfiction account UEA140story and co-authored in marking delusions with fellow marker Kim Sherwood. Marking.

*Not based on real life events.



Some of the UEA creative writers have set up a microfiction Twitter account, with its associated Facebook page, under the names UEA140story. They collect 140 character stories, from UEA, Norwich, Norfolk and beyond – and today they ‘published’ one of my own!

You really should check them out.