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NaPoWriMo / GloPoWriMo 2016 16 – Indice


Aeroporto, lo vidi per la prima volta in

Bar, è solito far colazione al

Come, non tanto il perché quanto il

Disse, mi stupì il modo in cui lo

Estero, non avevano giurisdizione una volta all’

Follia, dubito sia stato un attimo di

Gioia, non stava esattamente esultando per la

Hhhhk, sentii un suono strangolato, tipo

Insensata, non mi aveva convinto questa mossa

Lugubre, come locale mi sembrava un po’

Male, come si fa a volergli del

Notte, vorrei iniziare la scena di

Orrori, ne aveva visti di

Perdonare, era la migliore di noi a

Quanto, era rimasto lì chissà da

Resti, ne trovarono solo i

Saluto, trovai solo il tempo per un

Tabarro, chi indossa ormai il

Untore, grida di “Dagli all’

Vizi, ma di sicuro aveva pochi

Zona, rimasero appostati in


(Suggerimento da Napowrimo.net 12, poesia creata inventando un indice per una storia non esattamente esistente.
Assist di Thomas Brendler.)

BCLT Summer School – Day 1


This year’s edition of the BCLT Summer School includes daily creative writing workshops alongside the usual translation matters. I thought I’d post the results for each day on here. For reasons yet undecided. The first workshop was led by Sarah Bower, and involved comparing how P.G. Wodehouse and Raymond Chandler create their voices (and styles) through different uses of English. Then, we were asked to rewrite an extract from one author in the voice of the other, and vice versa. The results below:

1. His tea was impeccable. The kind of impeccable that stands out. It was too good. The cup too clean. Clean like a polished gun. Jeeves was good at what he did. Very good. Never heard him come in or leave. Quiet like a thought. Jeeves’ timing was perfect, always. I’d open my eyes, and there he was. Holding a perfect cup, every time. A simple job, sure, but he made an art of it.

2. Now, wasn’t that a ghastly surprise. She was shocked, utterly shocked, I could tell. Or rather, Jeeves did. He could spot the damnedest of details, that man, and never show it. Most amazing thing.

‘Right oh, Jeeves, what happened then? Don’t keep one waiting by dilly-dallying, will you?

‘No, sir.’

‘What was the – what was it, dame? – wearing? A dash of rouge perhaps? What about her hair? Dark as a raven on a summer eve, but with a tinge of age?’

‘Decidedly, sir.’

‘Marvellous, marvellous! And I suppose she’d be wearing some sort of jewellery, some type of accessory as one might find, if so inclined, in a London – no, Parisian salon of utmost standards?’

‘Indeed, sir. Earrings and a cigarette holder.’

‘What ho, terrific writing this Chandler chap of yours! Carry on Jeeves, keep reading – and spiffing job of it too, if I may say so.’

‘Thank you, sir.’