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Un secolo, più o meno


Un uomo intraprende un viaggio, una donna no.
Le betulle invece mormorano nel canto
di un uccello invisibile, la foresta recede incessante.

Essere soli e senza scopo: un seme
portato dal vento su pietre piatte stese
sulla riva remota. Testimone di notizie,

canti, mielina. Una delle nostre ultime è
una successione di costole distinte e vaste
in preda a collasso improvviso. Madre, scelta

non abbiamo. Madre, lui conta le nostre deboli ossa.

(Tradotto con permesso dall’originale inglese di Joan Naviyuk Kane)


#GloPoWriMo 2018 26 – Twisted Idioms (VI)


this is a cat
this is a treat
this is a cat
reaching for it

this is a cat
this is a paw
this is a cat
stepping in it

this is a cat
this is ambition
this is a cat
punished for it

this was a cat
with all of its paws
this is a cat
regretting it


#GloPoWriMo 2018 22 – mapping


the stars cannot rearrange

themselves in the sky

& yet here you are

changing the pinpoint over my head

making me lose directions

& maps of where i thought i thought

i would be & be going

at this point in time but it was space

that you changed & i was a fool

not to see that chance & you seized

the opportunity as you drew

new constellations on our skin

ladles & spoons replacing bears

pyramids where arrows flew &

sails instead of falls though fall we did

through hallways of cold light

& of cold nights after sudden rain

& we rearranged ourselves

in your bed bodies shifting

mapping out another sky


#GloPoWriMo 2018 20 – Twisted Idioms (V)


if you squint
if you squeeze
if you press one eyelid
closer to the lower half
if you look carefully
if you stretch your gaze
if you peer into the vastity
of what is before you

you’ll find the divine
was waiting for you all along.

You just weren’t looking hard enough.


more catch up

#GloPoWriMo 2018 19 – Preghiera di Demetra ad Ade


Solo questo chiedo per te: conoscenza.
Capire ogni desiderio ed il suo limite,
sapere che siamo responsabili per le vite
che cambiamo. Nessuna fede è gratuita,
nessuno crede senza dover morire.
Per la prima volta ora
mi è chiaro il percorso che hai creato,
l’intero terreno una scoria,
nonostante tu sognassi ricchezza
di fiori.
Non ci sono maledizioni, solo specchi
davanti alle anime di dei e mortali.
E ora anch’io rinuncio a questa fede.
Credi in te stesso,
avanti – vedi cosa succede.


Rita Dove, “Demeter’s Prayer to Hades”, from Mother Love, W.W. Norton, New York 1995.
Translated by permission of Rita Dove.

#GloPoWriMo 2018 18 – Twisted Idioms (IV)


consider the circumference
and the curve of the skin
consider the stretched or
loose expanse of
the core of this man

consider its direction
its size its layers
its complex arrangement of
human behaviour and instinct
gaze into more
than just the navel

you will find meaning there

back on this again, catching up

#GloPoWriMo 2018 17 – Twisted Idioms (III)


if a hill is a swing
in some parts of the world
you will forgive me
for giving this a try
– miss or hit, there is no gain
heat and mist the new terrain
rising and rolling from the ground.

a roundabout way perhaps
to talk about the whole
layout of the land we’ll be
dipping our toes in next
– a sloppy slip-up you might say
a slippery slope, if I may
no winners nor losers this round.

back on an old idea I had during my first NaNoWriMo

#GloPoWriMo 2018 15 – Initiative


You do. It is always your choice,
it is, always. Your choice
is not always what you will find again
– aim higher on the next one.

Aim higher on the next one
you do. It is always your choice.
You on.. the path ahead,
when it comes down to it
– not alone, never alone –

is not always what you will find. Again,
be cautious with your actions.
To achieve the goal placed by
be cautious with your actions:
take the first step first
and be ready to, finally
you, do. (It is your choice,
not alone, never alone,
no matter how you walk it,
it is always your choice.)

But have heart in what
to achieve. The goal placed by
stride in time, with rising force:
aim higher, on the next one
aim higher on. The next one
is not always what you will. Find again

the voice telling you how
it is always your choice.


an experiment, caused by #TheZoneCast