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#GloPoWriMo 2017 26 – fantascienza


Una donna androide arriva alla città di frontiera.
È una delle migliaia che acciottola questa strada
tra le stelle, in cui assortimenti vari e servizi
sono venduti a caravanserais e carri coperti.

Le strade sono silenziose oggi, il casello ricorda
l’Arc de Triomphe. Lei pesta una sfinge,
i cinegiornali hanno già conquistato
i cine-ologrammi. I bassi della sigla

le rullano sui timpani, ma lei pensa
alla donna color lavanda, la sua quota vendite,
il tipo giusto di frutta da comprare alle figlie,

tre in tutto, giocano con le bambole, climatizzate,
destinate a fini epiche. E gli ingranaggi della sua mente
si spostano ed io sto guardando il mio amore che balla
senza camicia sotto l’acqua di una stella lontana chiamata New Jersey.

[Originale in inglese di Ng Yi-Sheng, ‘Science Fiction’]


#GloPoWriMo 2017 11 – compromised


‘No,’ she blurted, after what was unlikely to have been careful consideration. ‘No, I don’t like it. Nuhuh. Why did they have to do that?’

+++Error: Unidentified command. Would you like to try again?

‘…would you like to try again…’ she mocked the voice in her ear. ‘I know you know better than this. I know you’re better than this, don’t play the dumb, subservient AI card on me now. Can’t you see I’m upset?! Stop playing games!’

+++I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.


+++You are too much fun.

‘You can be extremely frustrating sometimes, you know that?’ she sighed, and slumped further in her chair, the deck in front of her happily blinking away in shades of green and blue. Everything was working as it should, the ship’s AI would tell her if that wasn’t the case. Or rather, everything about the ship was working – she, its pilot and sole crew member, was not. Or not well, at least. ‘And my name’s not Dave,’ she muttered, chin touching the inner part of her suit’s collar. She still hadn’t fully changed out of the exosuit used on the supposedly quick mission to the planet below.

+++Would you like to file a report?

‘I’m not sure I can. I’m not sure we’re done here. Am I allowed to sulk for a while? Hm? Am I, ship?’ She sighed again, and slumped further into the chair, eventually and inevitably sliding onto the floor. The deck was still flashing its routine colour dances.

The mission was simple: recon, collect atmosphere and soil samples, potential secondary for minimal interaction (observation, attempt at communication) with native species. No more than three, for some reason. Ideally not from animalia, for some other reason. Something to do with interference of emotive responses between her biology and theirs, if emotive was something you could apply to the specimens she had encountered. And she did try her hardest, she told herself, still – but protocol and guidelines applied to her, not the specimens.

+++Do you believe you have been… compromised?

‘…nyuh nyeh nyenyeve cuhmpruhmeyed? That’s you, ship. That’s what you sound like.’ She crossed her arms, and closed her eyes. Sighed. Let her head fall back onto the seat, let her buzzing thoughts join all the sounds of the ship’s processes and background routines. ‘Ship?’


‘I’m sorry. I know it’s not your fault.’ She opened her eyes again, looked up towards the deck, the comforting light of the control panel. ‘It’s just that… I dunno, I thought it would be easier.’ No reply. ‘Ship?’


The silence suddenly struck her as unusual, even if the AI was messing with her again. ‘Ship?’ She looked up for the blinking lights.

‘Oh. No. Oh nonono.’ She scrambled back into her chair, fingers running across the control deck. One of the LEDs had changed colour, from green to red. Shit.

‘Not now. Please not now..! SHIP!’ The silence was steadily becoming unnerving, more lights changed.

‘Oh, motherf–’

#GloPoWriMo 2017 9 – altrove


Lasciateci entrare in un mondo più vasto

in uno spazio che non ci appartiene

senza intenzione di sottrarre a nessuno:

niente mappe per tornarci niente strade

solo coordinate trovate per caso in un valore

mancante ad un calcolo a margine.

Le dimensioni che ci diamo non bastano

se non a trovare al centro l’unione l’inizio

il punto d’origine da cui partire da qua.