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140story – It’s Complicated


You should always check out the wonderful work over at 140story. Always.


NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 5 – Shellshock


Dye the egg
wrap the paper
take the ribbon
tie the bow

One day a year
just the one day
a colourful hunt
a harmless hunt

Dye the egg
scrap the paper
take the ribbon
tie the bow

We burrow we dig
we hide we scuttle
bright eyed bushy tailed
spring in our step

Dye the egg
scratch the paper
scrape the ribbon
tie the bow

Don’t crack the shell
no ghost inside
one big machine
we’re cogs of a wheel

dye the egg
scrap the paper
scrape the ribbon
tie it now
dye tie dye tie

No one’s an island
this is an island
we are an island
a dessert island

bow now bow low
dye tie dye tie
die die die

[After I posted this, I realised what was running through my mind as I was writing: Neil Gaiman’s ‘Nicholas Was..’ and scenes from Rise of the Guardians. Credit where it’s post-due.]

NaPoWriMo Day 10 – Battle!


Boom! kaboom! krakaboom! krakathoom! krraakle! crack!
snap! snip! slash! smash! splash! crash! bash!
flash! fling! twing! zwiiing! fiii! sfiond!
spoom! zoom! whoom! shoom! thoom! thwock!
shock! sok! shazam! pzazz! p-taff! pewpewpew!
pow! kapow! vap! bratatat! ratatatatatat…



The battle continues
in the next issue.



(With thanks to Written Sound.)