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NaPoWriMo Day 16 – 1979


A few solitary notes
as instruments are roused
from their slumber.
Lights dim.

You invited us into your memories
and along a troubled road
littered with diffidence and pride.

But you promised we’d get through the night
as long as we trusted you, and listened.
So we sang with you and we walked with you
we danced with you and we rode the tiger.

We found new friends along the way
and seasons passed and changed.
We felt the warmth of homes and fires
of dust and sand and ash and wind.
We found god and remembered we don’t care.

You told us of drifting, and keeping too much in
so we cried with you, and loved with you,
and as you, loved again.

And as you ushered us back home,
we cheered you and smiled.
Leaving your fading memories
to other stages, and other crowds.

Lights dim.
A few solitary words
still linger
just behind the bar.

Good part of the poem is inspired by the lyrics and/or titles of the Pain of Salvation, Anneke van Giersbergen and Árstíðir concert setlist in London, 15th April 2013.

Act One


A cat wanders onto the stage,
pauses, looks at the empty
performer’s spot, light now dormant,
shakes its head, turns round and walks off.

A cat wanders onto the stage,
stops, sits, lifts paw, scratches ear,
licks paw, rubs ear, purrs, content.

A cat wanders onto the stage,
longing for the warmth of people,
the yarn of words being spoken,
a saucer of fresh performance.

A cat wanders onto the stage,
defiantly, fully aware of interrupting.
It looks at you, and it knows.
It knows you also yearn
for the warmth of applause, yours and others
for the scent of words, buzzing and stirring
for the touch of performance, moving and soothing
for the realm that exists behind closed curtains.

The cat looks at you, then exits, stage left.